Microalgae Cultivation

Seambiotic is the first company in the world that is utilizing flue gases, from coal burning power stations, for algae cultivation. Seambiotic possesses unique technology for gas transfer and cleaning, command and control of its concentration in cultivation ponds and its absorption in the algae for energy rich products.  

Algae can grow preferably in open ponds over closed bioreactors. Algal ponds are generally shallow to ensure the penetration of light into the culture; they are kept continuously mixed by gentle stirring. Growth of microalgae requires an abundance of solar radiation  on a wide range of temperatures, therefore, large-scale open culture should be sited where both light and temperature permit growth outdoor.  The algae "feed" comes from the supply of carbon dioxide. Feed of carbon dioxide is the biggest cost item in the long run of algal cultivation.

Seambiotic cultivates a few selected speices of marine autotrophic microalgae with high content of lipids and carbohydrates as equivilant to the production of bio-diesel and bio-ethanol.



Seambiotic grows the following algae species:

Nannochloropsis sp.

Phaeodactylum tricornutum

Amphora sp.

Navicula sp.

Dunaliella sp.  

Chlorococcum sp.

Tetraselmis sp.

Nannochloris sp.