The Vision: Algae as a Viable Source of Biofuel.

On the background of the high interest in green energy Seambiotic presents an innovative solution for algae bio-solar energy conversion to two feasible bio-fuel products, bio-diesel and bio-ethanol.  We expect that marine microalgae will be the viable source of biofuel in the near future.

Seambiotic is recognized as being the only algae producer in large quantities which, through sub-contract work performed in the U.S., created the first gallons of bio-diesel and bio-ethanol from marine microalgae cultivated using smokestack flue gas.   

Our technology and the use of the Israel Electric Co resources yield production of high quality algae, at a very low cost with high percentage of oil and carbohydrates that is efficient for the production of bioenergy.      


Biodiesel is a fuel produced from renewable resources such as vegetable oil rather than petroleum and can be directly used as a fuel or blended with conventional diesel fuel made from petroleum (petrodiesel). The benefits of bio-diesel are long: Bio-diesel can run in almost any vehicle that can run on petrodiesel with few or no modifications. Click here to read more... 


Bioethanol is a fuel produced from the process of fermentation of sugars as most known the production of bio-ethanol from sugarcane in Brazil. Click here to read more...