Overview & History

Seambiotic was founded in 2003 with an objective to grow and process marine micro algae using a revolutionizing ecologically based environmental system. For the last five years, Seambiotic has carried out R&D pilot study comprising about a 1,000 meter square of ponds at the power plant of the Israeli Electric Corporation in Ashkelon.

Throughout the study, new and advanced research methods have been developed for cultivation of various species of marine micro algae using the power station's carbon dioxide emissions released directly from their smokestacks and which pass through pipelines directly to Seambiotic's open ponds.

The reduction of pollution is a growing challenge to the civilized world, in general, and to the energy industry, in particular. Once Seambiotic's activities are scaled up, the company is expected to contribute to a sizeable reduction in Carbon dioxide emissions. The pilot plant runs with a proven success and has reached an impressive concentration of algae containing high percentage of lipids and carbohydrates in a very short term, which promotes the production of bio-fuel.

Seambiotic is currently in transition from the pilot plant stage to large scale industrial algae cultivation and production.