Omega-3 eggs

Experiment's goal

To check levels of omega-3 fatty acid in chicken eggs

The Experiment

4 groups of  hens were included in this experiment and were fed for one week with the different supplements as described:

1) Control- the hens were fed with their normal nutrition

2) Omega 3 fish oil, added to the food

3) Microalgae dry powder type A, added to the food

4) Microalgae  dry powder type B, added to the food

The eggs that were laid at the end of the week were collected for further analysis.

Preliminary results show higher concentration of omega-3 & higher pigmentation in the egg yolks of hens that were fed with the microalgae powders, as can be clearly seen in the picture below.



      Omega-3 fish oil            

Seambiotic's microalgae
 powder A

Seambiotic's microalgae
powder B